5 Must Have Accessories for Men

Men wants to look stylish and fashionable in today’s day and age but most of them are pretty clueless as what to wear and how to wear. It gets even harder when it comes to accessories as most men tend to neglect the importance of accessories. So, let me guide you through a little bit about accessories which every man should possess in their wardrobe.

1. Belts

U read it right. I did not write belt but intentionally wrote belts.


Because most men tend to think that no one cares about what belts that they are wearing and can actually get away with one or two belt in their wardrobe. But, having a wide range of belts is extremely important as it shows class and sophistication in a man’s wardrobe.

So, the big question that arises here is how many belts should you guys have in your wardrobe,right?


The answer is at least 4 different types of belts which should be present in your wardrobe all the time. The different belts that you must possess are as follows-

Black Leather formal belt

Brown Leather formal belt

Casual Leather belt

Woven belt

Apart from these 4, wearing any type of belts which is made up of silicon and other type of plastic should be avoided at any cost according to me.
Now, let’s move on to the next must have accessory.

2. Wallet

A collection of wallet is also just as important as any other accessory. Wallet is probably one of the most overlooked accessory when it comes to accessories by men. Most men thinks that since it is not seen at all the time, giving importance to this important piece of accessory is not necessary but this is just plain Wrong!

Wallets are kinda big deal as we keep the most important stuffs stuffed in there and it needs proper care and attention too. There are many different types of wallet such as –

The classic bifold wallet

Trifold wallet

Moneyclip wallet

Hybrid slim wallet

Front pocket wallet

Checkbook wallet

Though, having each of these types seems pretty impractical, having atleast a classic bifold or trifold wallet and a front pocket wallet is something I would highly suggest anyone to have as having an alternative wallet such as the front pocket wallet will come in handy in situations when you will need to wear a suit.

3. Bags

Most men tend to stay away from man bags but they are extremely stylish and fashionable. Choosing the right bag for the right occasion can be a gruesome task since very less information is out there regarding man bags which is such a shame as it is one item which can completely transform a man’s style statement.

Moreover, it is extremely hard for a grown man to get some good insights when it comes to man bags as very few men are inclined towards men bags and who are actually interested in talking about them. So let me guide you a bit about men bags. Hopefully, I might be able to change your views regarding men bags.

Man bags comes in various shapes and sizes and are categorized in various categories as well. There are generally 7 basic types of men bags which you should know.

Tote bag

Satchel bag


Weekender bag

Duffle bag

Laptop bag


Apart from these 7, there are various other types of man bags as well such as doctor’s bag, camera bags etc.. but I will cover those topics in another blog post.

As of now, these are the basic types of bags which every man should know and own at least a few different types of man bags if they aim to look fabulous.

Now, let’s move to our fourth fabulous accessory..

4. Hats

Be it a dinner party or a casual hangout with your friends, a hat always has your back when it comes to style. Not only do they look super stylish, but they are also your best friend when you are having a bad hair day or you are having a shortage of time to style your hair.

Hats comes in so many different styles and each style has its distinct functionality that it is extremely hard to recommend any 1 specific type. Though, just for general purpose, a fedora hat, snapback cap and a golf cap would be 3 items I would always have in my wardrobe and also recommend others.

There is no doubt that hats are extremely stylish but they don’t suit everyone as there are a lot of factors which are responsible when it comes to hats such as the size of the head of the person wearing it and the way they carry it.

Finally, we move towards the last and final accessory which is probably the most favourite accessory of all men as well.

5. Watches

What’s not to like about watches. They are the hero maker right from the time you don a beautiful watch. There are so many varieties of watches such as dress watch, chronographs, sports watch etc.. that it gets extremely hard for me to recommend any specific style as I love all of them and would highly suggest everyone to own as many watches as they can. The only suggestion I could give when it comes to watches is never to wear a watch with plastic straps, that’s it!

So, these are a few accessories which I hope you guys already have and even if you didn’t have it till now, I am pretty sure you will have it after reading this article.

Anyways, thank you so very much for reading this. I, myself had a ball writing it and ya, feel free to comment. I will feel appreciated!

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