7 Simple Clothing Hacks for Overweight Men

Weight is such a sensitive issue for not only women but to men as well. Men from all around the world are getting overweight and out of shape at an exorbitant rate.

Hence, keeping overweight men in mind, I have decided to put forward an article which should help overweight men to at least create an illusion that they have shed a few inches from their waistline.

Although these clothing hacks are effective to look slim, I would highly appreciate it if you put a little bit of effort to actually lose weight which will not only help build your self confidence but will also help you achieve goals in your life which you earlier thought were impossible.

So without any further delay, let’s now move on to the 7 clothing hacks for overweight men..

  1. Wear horizontal stripes

  2. Include a lot of blacks in your wardrobe

  3. Avoid wearing tight or over-sized garments

  4. Wear high waist pants

  5. Make the most out of suits/suit jackets

  6. Choose the right fabric

  7. Avoid tucking in shirt as much as possible

You guys are now probably thinking how will these 7 clothing hacks help you to look slim, right?


In that case, let me explain you in details about these clothing hacks so you get a clear idea of how do these clothing hacks work.

  • Wear Horizontal Stripes

The most popular notion that you guys have been hearing till date is horizontal stripes makes you look fat and short whereas vertical stripes makes you look slim, right?


I hate to break the news that this notion is almost certainly wrong!

And why am I saying this with so much confidence?

Here’s why…

The whole notion of horizontal stripes making you look wider and fat being flawed lies in Helmholtz Illusion.

Hermann von Helmholtz was a German physicist and physician who noted that a filled out area looks longer than an unfilled area of the same size.

According to him, a square with horizontal stripes looks filled and hence longer from bottom up, whereas a square with vertical stripes looks filled and hence longer from left to right. This then generates the illusion that the square with horizontal lines is taller and slimmer than the same-sized square with vertical stripes, which looks short and fat.

If you think about this practically also, the whole thing that Helmholtz said makes sense, right?

When you wear horizontal stripes, you tend to look taller and slimmer as opposed to vertical stripes, which has the tendency to make you appear wider.

Even though many fashionistas believes this isn’t true, others believe that it doesn’t matter whether you wear vertical stripes or horizontal stripes as long as you keep the stripes slim and the distance between the stripes narrow.

You might be a bit confused by now since there are multiple views regarding this topic. But if you ask me, I will suggest you to try experimenting a bit with stripes for a period of time so that you can figure it out yourself which is working for you.

And as for my point of view, I will tell you from my experience that horizontal stripes does work wonders on wider individuals granted the stripes are slim. 

I strongly feel it creates an illusion of the person being taller and slimmer compared to vertical stripes.

  • Include a lot of Blacks in your wardrobe

Human eyes see dark objects smaller. It’s an optical illusion which have been working wonders for decades.

Black works like a charm every time, wearing it will not only give you a slimming effect but will also help you be more confident as nothing beats the elegant classy look of black according to me.

Although black is a great option in creating an optical illusion; if you live in a hot and humid place like India, then wearing black all the time might be counterproductive.

Black absorbs a lot of light which can make you feel more hot compared to a lighter color. So, for men living in a hot and humid region, I would suggest you to go for dark off-pastel colors. They will also work like a charm just like black but won’t absorb as much light as black would which will help you to stay a little more comfortable.

  • Avoid wearing Tight or Over-Sized garments

Since most overweight men are already out of shape, wearing too tight clothes will highlight your weak areas even more distinctly.

Similarly, wearing over-sized garments can make you look like potatoes in a sac meaning you will look completely out of place and totally unfit.

So, it is extremely important to choose the right fit which will help compliment your body. The clothes should not hug your body and at the same time, it should not hang loose.

If you have skinny neck and belly fat, try wearing collared shirts as much as possible as it will help create an illusion that you have a thick neck and broad shoulders taking the attention away from your belly region.

P.s- Avoid crew neck t-shirts at all costs, v-neck should be your preferred option.

  • Wear High Waist Pants

Even if you don’t follow any other rules, this one is a must. Just by wearing your pants higher on the waist, you will create an illusion that your body is in proportion which in turn will help you to look fitter and in shape.

When you wear your pants lower, your whole belly region falls out of place making it look even bigger than it actually is. Wearing pants lower will also highlight your love handles more prominently.

Remember to not wear tapered fit pants, good old regular fit pants is the way to go.

  • Make the most out of Suits/Suit Jackets

“Suits are like blessings wrapped in class by God to men.”

clothing hacks for overweight menNo matter who you are, suits can make you look dapper instantly. If you are an overweight man, suits/suit jackets should be your go to wear all the time. The reason I am saying this is because suits/suit jackets are like an armor wrapped around your body to make you look fit and stylish.

The shoulder pads in suits/suit jackets help balance out the ratio of your shoulder and waist giving it a more tapered look. This also helps you to look like you have a toned body.

And do make sure to wear tailored fit suits. A tailored fit suit fits better compared to a ready-made suit which oftentimes are either too loose or are made keeping male models in mind.

The tailored fit rule applies to suit jackets as well. The aim is to look fit and sharp, so avoid ready-made suit jackets.

  • Choose the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is also very important. Choose fabrics like denim, silk, wool and cotton. They will help you look more toned compared to flat fabrics like linen.

The fabric should not be very bulky but at the same time, it should not be a very thin layered fabric as well. The 4 fabrics which I have mentioned are probably the best according to me.

  • Avoid Tucking in Shirt as much as possible

Tucking in your shirt brings unwanted attention towards your belly. So, keeping your shirt untucked will distract the attention from your belly.

Even though keeping your shirt untucked is the best option, I understand that at workplaces or formal events, it is important to keep your shirt tucked in. So, in scenarios like these, I would suggest you to wear your shirt a little bit loose.


Dressing up properly and mindfully does help a lot in creating an illusion of being slim but the Real solution is always to do some physical activities and shed some kilos so that you can wear almost anything and everything effortlessly and confidently.

Hope this article will help a few overweight men. If you guys have any questions regarding this article, feel free to comment below ⬇️

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