7 Simple Clothing Hacks for Skinny Men

Some might think that being skinny is a blessing as they can eat anything and wear a variety of clothing items.

But if you ask a skinny guy, you will find out how difficult it is for them to find the right clothing item as they run the risk of looking way too thin than they actually are. I, myself being a skinny guy can affirm to it.

Even though it’s hard for a skinny man to find the right clothes, it’s comparatively easy than finding clothes for an overweight men.

If you want to know about 7 clothing hacks for overweight men, here is a detailed article-

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Without wasting much of your time, let’s check out the 7 clothing hacks for skinny men.

  1. Wear vertical stripes

  2. Choose fabric carefully

  3. Go for lighter colors

  4. Give special attention to your neck region

  5. Layer clothes

  6. Make the most out of suits, blazers and suit jackets

  7. Make sure you give utmost importance to symmetry

You must be wondering by now; how would these clothing hacks help you to look less skinny, right?

Here’s a detailed analysis on each of the points above so that you can get some sort of idea on how do these clothing hacks works….

  • Wear Vertical Stripes

Horizontal stripes has been used for decades by the fashion industry with the belief that they can make an individual look wider but this concept is somehow flawed.

And why am I saying this?

Here’s why..

The whole concept of the effects of stripes on creating an illusion was first introduced by Hermann Von Helmholtz. Helmholtz was a German physicist and physician who noted that a filled out area looks longer than an unfilled area of the same size.

According to him, a square with horizontal stripes looks filled and hence longer from bottom up, whereas a square with vertical stripes looks filled and hence longer from left to right. This then generates the illusion that the square with horizontal lines is taller and slimmer than the same-sized square with vertical stripes, which looks short and fat.

clothing hacks for skinny men - Fine Tuning Men

If you think about this whole concept, it does makes sense, doesn’t it?

Even though the whole vertical stripes vs horizontal stripes is kind of difficult to understand as so many people has various ideologies about it; the thing which you should keep in mind is you should wear broader stripes compared to narrow stripes.

This is one area where almost everyone agrees that broad stripes makes you look wide.

And as far as the dilemma whether to wear vertical stripes or horizontal stripes; I will suggest you to experiment a bit with stripes so you get a clear idea of what suits you and what not!

But if you ask me about what I would personally suggest you, my answer would be simple i.e you should go for broad vertical stripes as I feel they work the best on skinny men.

  • Choose Fabric Carefully

Choosing the right fabric especially when you are skinny is extremely important. Since skinny men already lacks muscle mass, they should always opt for thick fabrics such as corduroy, denim and wool.

Not only are these fabric thick, they also compliment your skinny frame very nicely.

I would also suggest you to avoid fabrics such as satin, polyester as they can make you look even more lanky and thin.

  • Go for lighter colors

Choosing to wear lighter colors is extremely important as lighter colors reflects more light compared to a darker color.

The more light a color reflects, the bigger the person wearing it looks. This is an optical illusion which has been working for years and are widely used by fashion designers as well as interior designers. Interior designers use light and bright colors to make a room appear bigger and brighter.

When it comes to reflection, nothing beats white. But wearing white outfits all the time is kind of difficult as white tends to get dirty very easily.

For this reason, you should include a variety of light and bright color options in your wardrobe.

Just remember, the brighter the color is, the better it is for you.

Also, neon colors works wonders on thin guys especially neon green, neon yellow and neon orange.

  • Give Special Attention to your Neck Region

The best way to hide a skinny neck is by wearing outfits with a big collar or by wearing turtlenecks. The moment your neck gets covered, you immediately see the difference in your overall look.

Zip-up collars, mandarin collars and shawl collars are the best to make the neck appear less skinny.

When wearing collarless t-shirt, make sure that you choose a wider neck hole as they work the best for skinny men by making the shoulder look wider.

clothing hacks for skinny men - Fine Tuning MenSince I, myself fall into the skinny men category, wide hole crew neck t-shirt have always been my go to choice.

P.s- avoid V-Neck T-Shirt.

  • Layer clothes

You guys knew this was coming, isn’t it?

It was pretty obvious!

When you layer clothes in the right manner, it immediately adds bulk to your whole frame making you look bigger.

Even though layering clothes seems very simple, layering it in the right manner is extremely important. You should know how to mix and match clothes which will look good on you.

During the winter season, it is kind of easy to layer clothes as the options you get are endless but it gets kind of hard to layer outfits during the summer season.

So for summer season, I would suggest you to wear a t-shirt and layer it up with a shirt on top of it.

You can also go for an open shirt look with a vest inside it during extreme hot summer season. Make sure not to wear a vest which is too deep.

  • Make the most out of Suits, Blazers and Suit Jackets

I am quite sure most of you would agree that suits can make any man, no matter how skinny or overweight look dapper the moment they put it on.

clothing hacks for skinny men - Fine Tuning MenMoreover, the shoulder pads of suits/blazers/suit jackets not only looks good but will also help you to look a bit more masculine as it will add breadth to your deltoid region.

But do keep in mind that you wear the right fit what should not be too tight neither too loose. If it is too tight, you will look cramped which might destroy the whole purpose of wearing a suit. Similarly, if it’s too baggy, you run the risk of looking like a skeleton wearing clothes.

That is why, to get the right fit, I would highly suggest you to get some tailored fit suits, blazers and suit jackets.

  • Make sure you give Utmost Importance to Symmetry

Some of you guys might be confused a bit as what do I mean by symmetry, right?

Giving utmost importance to symmetry means you should focus on your shoulders looking wider than your hips.

That way, you will look wider and overall bigger. This can be achieved by creating an illusion with certain outfits. Just by wearing suits, this can be easily achieved as the shoulder pads creates an illusion that your chest and shoulders are big making your whole body look symmetrical.

You can also achieve symmetry by wearing slim fit shirts that are not too tight and wearing regular fit trousers or a bit altered trousers. But don’t let it hug your legs.


To conclude this whole article, all I am going to say is, if you learn the art of dressing as a skinny men, then you can easily create an illusion which will fool people about your body composition.

Coming from a skinny guy myself, I know the struggle some of you must be facing when it comes in choosing the right clothes.

Hope these clothing hacks for skinny men help some of you guys.

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