Kurta Pajamas : The Official Dress Code of Indian Men during Festivals

Kurta pajamas are extremely popular among Indian men and they prefer it more than anything else during festive seasons. Indian men prefers Kurta pajamas even more than suits during festivals and wedding seasons.

So, why are so many Indian men obsessed by kurta pajamas?

Let’s find out..

Kurta pajamas has always been in fashion since ages in India. The chances of kurta pajamas going out of fashion seems like a distant possibility especially in a country like India as Indian men are obsessed by it. Moreover, it compliments Indian men like no other. Even suits can’t seem to beat its elegance when it comes to festive wear in India.

There are a wide range of styles which a man can choose from when it comes to kurta pajamas. Let’s dive into some of the most popular types of kurta pajamas-

Hyderabadi Kurta Pajamas

Probably, one of the classics when it comes to kurta pajamas. You can see people all around Hyderabad, India wearing this type of kurta at almost all occasions whether it is a small iftar party or a grand wedding. These kurtas has a very small keyhole at the opening and comes with stylish thread embroidery which is embedded throughout the collar area.


You cannot talk about kurta pajamas and not discuss about sherwanis. They are a complete head turner everywhere and can transform an ordinary looking man to a super stylish hunk instantly. Sherwanis generally have a slim fit, well-defined shoulder stitches and flare out on the sides from around the upper thighs. Sherwanis are your best friend for weddings and big parties.

Typically, sherwanis comes in monochrome colours such as black, red etc but many modern sherwanis are designed with various patterns with textures for an added oomph to the whole look.

Kalidar Kurta

Kalidar kurtas have geometrical thread patterns with rectangular panels on the front. For pre wedding such as haldi or sangeet, Kalinder kurtas are perfect. The fabrics used for Kalindar kurtas are cotton, linen and sometimes, even silk. This is a very elegant type of kurtas which looks perfect for pre wedding functions.

Lucknowi Kurta

The nawabs used to wear Lucknowi kurta. These are quite expensive but are extremely lightweight with Chikan embroideries on them, which are world renowned. Various top designers loves to use Chikan embroidery in their designs as it looks very elegant and classy. Lucknowi kurtas are your perfect companion when it comes to weddings.

Punjabi Kurta

Punjabi Kurta are straight cut kurtas which comes down to the knees or just an inch below the knees. Worn mostly by Punjabis throughout the year, you can find its popularity the moment you step foot in Punjab as almost every other guy you will see will sport this type of kurta everywhere in Punjab. Punjabi kurtas can further be divided into-

  1. Muktsari kurtaoriginates in the province of Muktsar
  2. Phulkari kurtahas phulkari embroidery Bandhani kurta- has bandhani patterns on it.

Bhopali Kurta

Bhopali kurta are generally long and loose fitted kurtas worn mostly by the royal families of Bhopal. Paired with a tapered churidar and a shawl worn over it, these are your perfect companion to enjoy a ghazal evening . Lately, the Bhopali Kurta has seen a lot of modifications in the form of patterns and textures as more and more variations can be seen of this elegant type of kurta.

Dogri Kurta

Dogri kurtas is one of the classic type of kurtas which looks best when paired with traditional churidars or patiala pants. These generally have an open breast on the front that widens at the hips and comes in various different patterns of embroidery.

Pathani Kurta

Worn mostly by Kashmiri men in India, pathani kurtas have a stiff collar and a body fitting cut. Since, it compliments most body types as the fall fits perfectly to an individual’s body, these are extremely popular among men from these parts of India. Pathani Kurta with Patialas is like a match made in heaven.

These are the basic types of kurtas which are very popular among Indian men and they also play a major role when it comes to culture and traditions of India.
Now that we know the types of kurta pajamas, let’s discuss a little bit about some style tips which you can implement with kurtas to look even more stylish..

1. Wear a Nehru Jacket over your kurta to look even more stylish but make sure not to go overboard with the style. Try to keep it simple and you will look very good in it. Finish it up with traditional Kolhapuri sandals to look even more stylish.

2. Pairing your favourite pair of jeans with a fitted kurta is a look to die for. Since, jeans are anti fashion, it looks good with almost anything all year around. Finish it up with a monk strap shoe to really stand out in the crowd.

3. Pair your kurta with chinos or khaki pants but make sure that you keep a close eye on the colour contrast. To complete the whole look, finish it up with a suede leather loafer to look uber stylish.

These are just a few style tips from my side which might help you on choosing the right complimentary outfits for your kurta pajamas.

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