Never be in Relationship if you have these 5 Unresolved Issues

Relationship is beautiful, isn’t it?

Relationship gives us the opportunity to share our feelings and emotions. It also gives us the opportunity to know someone we love and discuss every minute details of our life. Many would even go on to say that relationship is the only thing that differentiates a man from a boy as it shows that he is capable of responsibilities. 

With so many great things we hear about relationship, who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship, right?

Relationship sounds awesome!

We have also been told right from our childhood that every man needs a relationship in their life to be successful. There is a famous saying as well that-

“Behind every successful man, there is a woman.”


The reality is far from this. The reality is that many a man fails to reach their goal due to women. But no one blames a woman who has destroyed her man’s life. Our society has also made us believe that women are some kind of a saint who is going to transform our life for the better.

Even though the society had fed us with thousands of lies about women, one thing is certain that we need women in our life no matter how they are; just like a woman needs a man.

You might be thinking by now that I hate women and all I am going to say is negative things about them. If you are thinking that this article is going to be an out and out rant against women, then my friend; I am afraid to say that you are wrong!

On the contrary, I actually love women. I feel they are wonderful, powerful and having the right woman in your life can truly help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. I strongly believe that having a woman in your life completes you as a man and being in love is a wonderful feeling which every man deserves to experience at least once in their lifetime. In short, a woman has the ultimate power to make a man REALLY HAPPY!

All of this is true and all but it is also true that a relationship is extremely time consuming and it takes real effort to make a relationship work. Not everyone is capable of a relationship as the burden it carries outweigh their happiness.

So, who are these men who should NEVER commit in a relationship?

Let’s discuss…

  • Emotionally broken

never be in relationship - Fine Tuning Men

It is extremely important to be emotionally stable if you want to be happy in a relationship. I know it is tough in today’s day and age as everything is moving so damn fast and being in an emotionally stable state of mind is getting tougher with each passing day. But if you really want your relationship to work for the long term, at least try to keep yourself calm and composed most of the time as I feel the main reason that relationship are breaking apart these days is the sudden outburst of emotions among couples.

I strongly feel that if you are emotionally broken, you should take some time off to fix all your emotional problems before making a commitment. I have listed a couple of ways below which helped me to get through the years where I was emotionally broken down and was angry and frustrated all the time.

  1. Try meditation on a regular basis if you are having a really hard time emotionally. It does help a lot. If you don’t have time to meditate for a long time, just close your eyes anywhere and concentrate on your breathing by counting from 1 till 20 in your mind and vice versa. This simple trick really helps a lot of people to slowly but gradually improve their sudden outburst of anger a lot.
  2. If meditation is also not helping, you can learn a few poses of yoga. Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve emotional outbursts as it helps you understand the function our body and mind works.

Lastly, if you have had any emotional trauma in the past, it is always advisable to see a therapist before committing to a new relationship. A disturbed mindset can not only ruin your relationship, it can also result in dangerous behaviors towards your partner.

  • Financially unstable

Money is quite literally almost everything that people cares about nowadays. Even if a girl tells you that she likes you just the way you are and money is not that much important; it’s all a lie!

Money is extremely important to sustain a happy relationship. She might be happy for a while but eventually she will see all her friends getting married to rich guys and having a luxurious life. This will provoke her to either cheat or to leave you for someone else who is financially better equipped.

You can’t blame women also that most of them are gold diggers. In fact, it is actually important to be a gold digger to survive in this selfish world.

Historically, women always chose the strongest male, physically, as her mate but nowadays women wants a man who possesses a respectable financial status in the society more than anything else and I don’t see anything wrong in it.

Financial stability also brings a lot of confidence in a man and all women loves a confident man. If you are sissy and broke, I will highly advise you to refrain from relationship at least till you have enough bank balance to sustain you and your partner comfortably.

Moreover, being in a relationship when you don’t have money will also take a toll on your ability to go after money with full force and focus as relationships are very delicate and it needs time from both partners to reap its full benefits.

No matter how cool your girlfriend or wife is; you will have to give her a big chunk of your time. There is no two ways about it!

  • Trust issues

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Having trust issues in a relationship will ruin your relationship no matter what anyone else says!

If you are constantly having doubts about your partner that she is cheating on you or is lying to you, then I would say that relationships are not for you, brother!

When you enter in a relationship, you have to start trusting your partner. If you are constantly tracking her movement or checking her phone all the time, she is bound to get annoyed eventually.

A real man trusts his woman as he has enough self confidence and knows for sure that he has all the prowess to keep a woman happy. Trusting a woman will also show her that you respect her and respecting a woman can take you to places, if you know what i mean 😉 

Even though, it’s important to trust a woman, it is equally important not to blindly trust her. Not all women are same so it’s always a wiser choice to trust your woman keeping your senses open.

Lastly, If you have extreme trust issues with everyone in your life, it is always a smart choice to consult about your problems with a therapist. Having doubts constantly about anyone and everyone especially the ones who are close to you can have negative impact later on in life.

  • You have ulterior motives

If you are getting into the relationship just for physical intimacy, then you should better refrain from it. A relationship is a lot more than physical intimacy between two human beings especially for the woman.

Women, in general, are more emotional than men. They tend to get attached to a man faster than we do.

If a woman shares herself with you, it means she is starting to trust you and probably wants you to be a part of her life. Sharing her body with you meant a lot to her. Respect that!

Just like you want to be respected and not be used physically or emotionally by others; the same rule applies to a woman as well. Treat every human being with honesty, love and care and you will get it back in return as well.

  • You have been cheated.

There is a famous saying,”Once a cheater, always a cheater”.

I know you have forgiven her in the past and she has also asked for forgiveness a thousand times and gave you another thousand explanations on why she has cheated on you. You listened to every word that came out of her mouth and forgave her keeping a stone in your heart.

You feel she has changed and she won’t break your heart ever again, right?


My dear friend, she is going to break your heart over and over again. Cheating is a habit that’s very hard to get rid of. Cheaters will make you believe that they have changed; they would even believe it themselves that they have changed but the moment they feel tempted, they will again latch on to their previous habit.

Even though cheating is a habit, some do change but I won’t take the risk of advising you to stick to a relationship if your partner had cheated on you in the past.

Again, if you are the kind of man who feels quitting in a relationship is not an option as real man never quits in life be it in relationship or life, this article might help you-

Why it is OKAY for a Man to QUIT


If you fall into any of the above categories, it is advisable to stay away from relationship. But on the contrary, I also strongly believe that people change and with self effort and a little help from the people who actually cares, anyone can have a great relationship; granted he learns from constructive criticism and works on himself.

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