Why it is OKAY for a Man to QUIT

You feel like you have disappointed everyone by quitting, right?

The feeling just gets worse realizing that you are the only one who was not strong enough to keep going and ended up quitting.


Let me tell you my friend, you are not the only person in this whole wide world who had to quit because of certain circumstances and that you have to spend the rest of your life in misery and regret about your decision every single day of your life.

In fact, what I am going to tell you now might surprise you.

It takes guts to quit. Not everyone in this world are as strong as you are to ACCEPT that you are not mentally and physically strong enough to continue going ahead and you would be better off quitting than sticking to it in the long run.

Just for the guts you showed by not following what the society is feeding us with all the ‘quitters never succeed’ type of utter B.S, give yourself a pat on the back.

Everyone has their own set of reasons for quitting. Not all men are made equal. Some has the ability to endure more and keep going even if it is making them miserable whereas some of us are just not capable of it and would rather quit and move on to trying something else.

Everyone from celebrities to famous sports personalities is telling you that anything is possible in this world if you do not quit and keep going which I think is utter nonsense.

I feel like it is completely OK to quit if you are not happy with something which you are doing for a long time and not yielding any results.

Now, let’s discuss about the 4 most common life scenarios where most men quits and why it is completely okay to quit if you are facing any of these situations.

Work and Studies

to quit

Life is like a roller coaster ride where one day you will have an amazing day and everything would seem just perfect in your world but the very next day, you will be faced by tough roadblocks in your way of happiness and life would seem worthless.

If you are quitting your job or your studies just because you were expecting a life full of roses in your workplace, then I would suggest you not to give up that fast. Take some time off and figure out what you want to do next otherwise you might regret about it in the long run.

I have quit courses where things got a little tough and I was not strong enough to handle it on my own which I regretted for a very long time. I felt like had I been a little more resilient, things could have been a lot different.

At the same time, I also want to say that if it is making you completely miserable at your workplace or you are feeling completely out of place and lost at your workplace, you Should quit. Life, eventually makes up for it. I felt terrible quitting but after all these years I have realized that life always has its own plan and it’s just not worth fighting for things which you know will eventually not be worth it. It is better to focus on stuff that makes you really happy and also yields profitable results.

For example– if you have been going for a job for a very long time which you dislike and you are being ill treated out there but you are sticking to it hoping that eventually everything will be alright and quitting will make you seem like a loser who quit because he wasn’t tough enough, then my friend, you are punishing yourself. It’s better for you to let go off that job if your confidence is getting hit on a regular basis.

Always remember..

“The only way to succeed in life is to be confident. Overconfidence is OK but under confidence will get you nowhere.”

I have seen so many people telling that do not become overconfident, overconfidence will kill you etc. etc. But I haven’t seen any successful person who have been killed by getting a little over ambitious and overconfident about their work.

And when it comes to a under confident person, I am yet to see a successful under confident man.


Let’s move on to relationship now…

to quit

We meet a girl that we like, sparks fly and it feels like…

She is the one!

She is the one that we have been waiting for all these years only to realize after a few months of dating after the honeymoon phase is over, What a grave mistake we have committed! The sweet angel that we fell in love with turns into this viscous blood sucking vampire whose only aim in life is to suck blood out of your body. Your life seems miserable with her. She uses your money, your resources, your peace of mind and many of them even cheats on you.

You know that she is using you just for her own advantages but you choose to ignore and make the relationship work because that’s what you are supposed to do, right?

You are supposed to love your bae and stick by her side no matter what!

If she is using your money, it’s because she deserves using your hard earned money as she is doing you a favor by staying in a committed relationship with you, right?

It’s also her right to use your credit card, your car just because she is a woman and it’s every man’s duty to fulfill the needs of their girl.

Even if she is cheating on you with some random guy, it’s still your fault that you haven’t been able to fulfill all her needs physically and mentally.

My dear friend, for how long will you go through all this torture just because the society is telling you that you should never quit in a relationship and every relationship goes through highs and lows.

Ask yourself this question, is it really worth to continue a relationship knowing that it is damaging you from inside. Also ask yourself about all the agony that your partner has given you throughout the times you were together, Was it worth it? If the answer is a resounding yes, then go ahead.. continue the relationship but if doubts surfaces your mind, then my friend, you are trying to board a ship that is destined to sink.

I understand many of you guys are married and have kids and don’t want your decision to impact your kids. But, do you really think that you can keep your kids happy by sacrificing your own happiness?

How can you expect to keep your kids happy if you are leading a life in misery. It’s OK to quit a failed marriage or relationship!

Quitting in a failed relationship or marriage doesn’t make you a weak man. We all have our fair share of failed relationship in the past. Embrace it, learn from it and move on!

It is completely OK to quit a toxic relationship for your own self respect and happiness. We, men, deserves to be happy and feel loved in a relationship just as much as a woman does!


Friendship is probably one of the most beautiful relationship a man can have with another man.

We, men, need the company of other men to share some stuffs which we can’t even share with our romantic partners.

Almost all men has a bro code which we follow wholeheartedly. The bro code is kind of a Bible when it comes to friendship between two men. According to the bro code, we enjoy together and at the same time, help each other no matter how hard the situation gets. But, if that bro code is broken which means your friend always gives some lame excuses when the time comes for him to help, it is probably better for you to let go off that friendship.

Also, if a friend always talks bad about others and gives a negative vibe to others, then it is probably better to let that friendship go. If a person talks ill about others, there is a high possibility that he will speak ill about you to others as well.

Moreover, if a friend always discourages you or brings you down and insults you all the time, that is also a tell tale sign that the friendship is toxic and it is better for you to quit that friendship.

To summarize, below is a list of events when it is better for you to quit than to stick around.

You are hanging on because of someone else

If you are hanging on to something just because of someone else then you are making a big mistake. Be it in a relationship or a job, if you are hanging on just for the sake of others then, my friend, I would highly suggest you to just quit and find something worthwhile. You are not doing any favors by hanging on to something which you dislike. It will most probably bring unhappiness in the long run.

It is making you miserable.

If your current job or relationship is making you miserable, then I see no worth in continuing that job or relationship. Having no mental peace is a clear indication that you are in the wrong workplace or wrong relationship. Whatever you do in life you should feel happy and fulfilled. If you are feeling miserable that means that work or relationship is not right for you.

You are scared to try out something else

Do you feel like if you try something else which can make you happy, you would fail?

In that case, let me tell you this my friend, you are losing a lot many opportunity just because you are scared to try out something which you know could make you happy. It is OK to be scared but to be scared to not even try out something which you love is simply unacceptable.

You are being pressurized by someone or something else to hang on.

Are you being pressurized by your peers or your partner in doing something which you are not enjoying at all. In this scenario, I would highly suggest you that you should quit immediately. Being pressurized in life can only result in misery and sadness.

Hoping something better would happen eventually for way too long.

You are hanging onto something for way too long because you feel like something good is around the corner. Hanging on up to a certain point of time is okay in a relationship or in the workplace. But hanging on for years without yielding any profitable result is just plain stupidity.

You have no interest in what you are doing.

Are you doing the job just because you need money or you feel like you are not good for anything else?

In that scenario, my friend, let me tell you that it is utmost important to love whatever you are doing. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, eventually you are going to break down which won’t be very pretty. Money would eventually come if you develop your skills in the field that you are passionate about.

You don’t want to be labelled as a failure by the society.

This is probably the most common reason why most of US hang on to something even if we hate it like anything. Our society has always taught us that it is just not acceptable to quit and those who quit are utter failures.

If you care too much about the society, you won’t be happy for a long period of time. It’s you who should matter to you FIRST. Everything else comes after YOU.

Hope this article helped you guys to figure out why it is OK to quit and why quitting doesn’t make you any less manly.


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